ATHEROS / QUALCOMM PCI VENdors and DEVices for Sony

The Vendor ID and Device ID registers identify the device model, and are commonly called the PCI ID. The 16-bit vendor ID is allocated by the PCI-SIG. The 16-bit device ID is then assigned by the vendor. There is an ongoing project to collect all known Vendor and Device IDs. The Subsystem Vendor ID and the Subsystem Device ID further identify the device model. The Vendor ID is that of the chip manufacturer, and the Subsystem Vendor ID is that of the card manufacturer. The Subsystem Device ID is assigned by the subsystem vendor, but is assigned from the same number space as the Device ID.

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PCI VENdors and DEVices for Sony

PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0013&SUBSYS_04061468 LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g miniPCI Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0013&SUBSYS_04071468 LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11a/g miniPCI Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_04231468 LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g PCI-E Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_0423168C LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g PCI-E Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_E000105B LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g PCI-E Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_E002105B LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g PCI-E Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002A&SUBSYS_E007105B Qualcomm Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_E017105B Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_E037105B Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002E&SUBSYS_E030105B Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0032&SUBSYS_E044105B Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0034&SUBSYS_3117104D Qualcomm Atheros AR946x Wireless Network Adapter
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0036&SUBSYS_E069105B Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter

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TOP 5 manufacturer DEVices

Manufacturer DEVices
Atheros Communications 114×
Toshiba 76×
Samsung Electronics 54×
Acer Inc. 45×
Azurewave Technologies 39×

Latest added DEVices

DEVice Identification Strings
USB\VID_2019&PID_5304   (Atheros)
USB\VID_04BB&PID_0937   (IO Data)
USB\VID_0586&PID_3413   (ZyXEL)
USB\VID_157E&PID_3208   (TRENDnet)

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